Impact & Story

Our down to Earth story

  • Earth was born (2022)

    Earth was founded by Luke Chapman after witnessing the damaging effects of climate change on a trip to Indonesia.

  • Market research (2022)

    We spent months analysing the problems in the industry and built our technology to solve them.

  • ️Teamed up with leaders (2022)

    We teamed up with industry leaders that have scaled broadband companies in the UK with 30+ years of experience.

  • Raised investment (2023)

    Earth secured investment and we started gearing up to take it to the next level and get into more homes across the UK.

  • Launched our app (2023)

    We built version one of our self-serve app that allows customers to manage their account and get 24/7 support.

  • 1,000 tonnes of CO2e monthly

    We’ve set the bar high and aim to reach 100,000 customers, making a huge impact on the Earth.

How Earth is climate-positive

Earth customers reduce their carbon footprint by 10kg every month by planting trees through our climate action partner, Ripple. We have calculated the average monthly impact of a broadband user, and the carbon impact calculation below combines a router, a landline phone and broadband usage.

Average monthly carbon for a router - 0.98kg

Average monthly carbon for a landline phone - 0.49kg

Average monthly carbon for broadband usage - 6.29kg

Total CO2e per user every month - 7.76kg

One tree absorbs one tonne of CO2 over a lifetime of 100 years, which is an average of 10kg per year. Earth customers plant one tree every month through our climate action partners. In addition, for every tree planted, three indigenous trees are protected through Forest Conservation Committees.

Earth is building one of the first climate-positive broadband providers. Most of the Earth team works from home, and we aim to make everything self-serve and easy for customers, which means we won’t need hundreds of employees.

The money we save on operational costs will be reinvested into customer growth, increasing our impact on the planet. The more customers we have, the bigger our impact will become.

Although our carbon footprint is minimal, we’re in the process of measuring this as accurately as we can and will make this information available to our customers very soon.

Earth is planting trees in one of the largest and most successful tree planting projects in Malawi, providing a long-term solution to fighting deforestation in Africa caused by the destruction of indigenous forest.